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Free Save and restore the positions of Windows desktop icons
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The developers of Windows used the word “desktop” to designate the working area of this operating system as an analogy with a real-world desktop. Visual elements, called icons and windows, represent real objects, such as books, paper documents, calculators or video cameras. The fact is that your virtual desktop can get as messy as a real one.
One of the situations that lead to desktop disorganization is frequent screen resolution changes. For example, if you use a projector, Windows will adjust the resolution to be compatible with the device. The same thing happens if you connect your computer to a TV via HDMI. After unplugging those devices, Windows automatically adapts the resolution to your computer screen, but the icons and gadgets do not get arranged in their previous position.
DesktopOk is an application that will help you deal with multiple resolution modes. It works by saving screen resolution modes, including the position of the icons on the desktop.
The software is portable, which means it does not have to be installed. It can be run just from the archived file.
Although the program’s interface can be configured to use several major international languages, the initial language was German, which made me try to find where to change the language. Luckily, there is a small flag that drops down a menu with a list of languages.
Let me say that after some years of working with software, I have developed a very good intuition for their use. Be it a bad habit or not, I usually try to use the software before reading any kind of supporting material, and just after that I clear out my doubts by using the application’s help.
My first encounter with this software’s interface gave me no idea of what I was supposed to do, even when I had already read the application’s description. Just after examining it thoroughly, I realized there is a Save button that allows you to save the current screen resolution. In my opinion, it would have been better to include a sort of what-do-you-want-to-do initial screen.
The software offers many options, some of them related to how the files storing the resolution data are named. The program allows you to turn the autosave feature on, such as automatically saving the resolution every 15 minutes or when Windows shuts down.
Additionally, the application offers quick access to various tools, such as, mouse cursor hiding, icon hiding and using the mouse wheel. It also allows you to start Task Manager or show the desktop.

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Pedro Castro
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  • It helps you work with different screen resolution
  • It minimizes to the system tray


  • It is not enough easy to use


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